Semi-Annual Update



Semi-Annual Update

Wow, this year is flying by, and we wanted to let you know what the axe team has been up to.  

Firstly, we are thrilled to introduce Angela Todaro and Julian Rendon, the newest members of the axe family. They will play key roles in deploying and supporting new services for our valued HelpTime™ customers.


  • Enhanced 365 security to include security defaults and / or conditional access. This includes the addition of security defaults and/or conditional access, bolstered by features such as Multi Factor Authentication, number matching, and location-based notifications.
  • Updated Bitdefender configurations by consolidating general exceptions into a new unified policy.


  • Upgraded axe Backup. With the implementation of forever incrementals, we have significantly reduced storage usage and improved restoration speed.


  • NEW - Vulnerability Management for HelpTime™ customers.
  • NEW - Patch Management feature update backend deployments.
In the coming months, we will continue to roll out additional new features. Stay tuned!
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