End of Summer Update



End of Summer Update

Summers over but the axe RMM scripts are just getting started.

The axe team has been hard at work creating, testing and deploying new scripts to help automate some much-needed tasks.


  • HPE iLo - We've updated customers HP Enterprise Servers running Windows Server 2016 and higher to notify the management portal of additional hardware issues.
    • RAID Battery Status
    • Fan Status
    • Memory Status
    • Power Supply Redundancy Status
    • Processor Status
    • Storage Status
    • Temperature Status


  • Custom Inventory Fields - We've added custom fields to help you manage inventory. These fields could be anything, but some examples are Monitors, Docks and Printers.
  • Monitor Field - This script can be run to pull monitor information and store it in the RMM.  This includes model and serial number.


  • Remote Access Tools - This report will create a report of remote access tools installed.  This can be used to find rogue or unintended tools that can be used for remote access.
  • Vulnerability Management - for HelpTime™ customers.
    • Redesigned UI/UX
In the coming months, we will be beginning to send out vulnerability reports to inform you of any areas that might need improvements in your cyber security posture.
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